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33444 Alvarado-Nile Road Union City California 94587

Visual Arts


  • Drawing (level 1)
  • Drawing (level 2)
  • Drawing (level 3)
  • Drawing (level 4)

  • Compose songs
  • Acting
  • Songwriting
  • Drama
  • Story writing
  • Film
  • Script writing
  • Digital Art
  • Instruments
  • Animation

Young Artist Club strives to help every student achieve academic success by providing group and individual tutoring sessions for English/Language Arts and Math. 

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Performing Arts


​Here at the Young Artists Club, we strive towards the growth and progress of children not only as students, but as empowered individuals. We offer summer camp and an after school tutoring program in a wide range of subjects including math, English, art, and piano.  Your child will be challenged, engaged, and have a chance to build strong interpersonal and social skills in our group activities and lessons.  We work closely with parents and your child’s school curriculum to make sure your child stays a step ahead of the curb. Our focus is to help each student develop into creative and critical thinkers. We aim to serve our future community leaders and innovators in a safe and fun manner. Through our program, students will confidently utilize their innate talents and abilities.​

Young Artists Club


Date: 12/13/2014 Saturday

Time: 6:30pm to 8pm

Location: California State University, East Bay in El Dorado Hall

​               1901 Harder Road Hayward, CA 94542

Fee: Free